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Frequently Asked Questions

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Do you have a free trial class?

Yes of course! Free trial classes are for GROUP CLASSES only. You can sign up free for a trial lesson here. If you would like an INDIVIDUAL TRIAL, you must pay in full before the lesson. If you enjoy your lesson and decide to take more lessons, your trial lesson will be discounted from your next bill.

What happens if I miss a class?

You must give 24 hours notice if you miss a lesson. If you give notice, you won't pay for the lesson. If not, you will lose the lesson and pay in full.

How many students are in a group lesson?

There is a maximum of 8 students. For speaking practice you will be split into smaller groups of 2.

What are video courses?

These courses  do NOT include live lessons. They include videos of lessons that you can watch when you like. They also include an interactive presentation and assignments.

Do you have a course for beginners?

At the moment, we only have individual courses for beginners. Take a look at the course here

Do I pay before the lesson?

Yes, we have weekly and monthly payment plans. You can decide which plan you prefer with your teacher.

How do I pay?

At the start of each week/month you will receive an invoice. You can pay directly from the invoice using Paypal, a credit card or a bank transfer.

Where can I find my classwork/homework?

All of the materials, homework, classnotes and invoices are uploaded to your student portal. When you sign up, you can easily create an account on our student portal, you will find everything you need there.

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