About  Hayley

Hello, it's great to meet you! Before you take a lesson, you can get to know me a little. I'm from the U.K. and my native language is English. I started learning my second language (Italian) when I was 20 years old and that's when I fell in love with learning and teaching! Read more about my experience and qualification below.

Teaching English since 2013
Teaching online since 2015
Taught over 45K+ students with video courses
10+ years of language learning experience

My story

I started learning Italian when I was 20 years old... and I HATED it! I was so embarrassed when I spoke, I was frustrated that I couldn't remember vocabulary and I almost stopped completely. At the same time, I was teaching English in a state school in Italy and I could see that my students were in the same position as me!

And that's when everything clicked...

I found a fun and simple way to help my students learn English, and soon enough they were laughing and loving their English lessons! And that's when I fell in love with teaching and learning!

My background

I studied Italian language and English linguistics at university and graduated in 2014. During my studies I taught for the British Council in Italy and volunteered teaching impoverished children in Thailand in summer. I lived in Italy for a few years and after reaching proficient level in Italian, I started teaching myself Spanish and moved to Spain in 2016. I taught English with different online companies and then eventually created i-Speak English in 2017! I'm currently based in Malaga, Spain and I teach people online from all over the world, 7 hours a day, 5 days a week. And I love it!

What Hayley believes in

Set realistic goals

'Being fluent' is NOT a realistic goal.
It's too vague and simple. Ask yourself: what is something I want to do with English in the future that I can't do now? Not sure what your goal is? Sign up and book a trial with me and we can create a study plan for you.

Study smart

Keep your study routine interesting!
Set a time every day to study something different. Vocab one day, phrasal verbs the next day. You don't have to study for hours, just make sure you change your routine. Even 10 minutes of practice every morning really helps!

Immerse yourself

Put down the textbook.
English is not about studying boring grammar rules. It's about USING the language. Watch TV in English, find English speaking friends, start a new hobby in English. Make English part of your every-day life.

What students say about Hayley

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My past experience

Read about my qualifications and teaching experience here.

i-Speak English

Founder and Head Teacher

Teaching kids, teens and adults online from all over that world.

General English and Conversation
Cambridge Exam preparation - B2, C1
Sep 2017 — Present


Course Instructor

Teaching English via interactive video courses.

Highest rated English courses on Udemy
+45,000 students . 4.8 star rating
Sep 2019 — Present


English Teacher

Teaching adults online from beginner to advanced level

General English and Conversation
Cambridge Exam prep + IELTS B1-C1
Sep 2016 — Sep 2017

British Council

Teaching Assistant

Teaching teens in a state school in Molise, Italy.

General English and Conversation
Cambridge Exam Prep
Sep 2014 — July 2015

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