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If you have advanced or upper-intermediate English and you want to practice speaking in a natural, real-life context - this course is exactly what you need!

✔ 100% interactive lessons
✔ Practice speaking in small groups
✔ Meet & speak to people from all over the world

✔ Discuss a different topic every lesson
✔ Engaging articles & videos for homework
✔ 1000s of vocabulary flashcards to increase fluency

DON’T WORRY! There are no boring grammar exercises, we’re not going to spend half an hour looking at vocabulary that you can do at home, this course is the opposite of that! These lessons are 100% interaction, theses lessons are about you getting the opportunity to use all of the grammar and vocabulary you already know and put it into practice. 

The teacher will send you an article or video before each lesson related to the topic which you will discuss in the lesson.  During the lesson, you will be split into small groups of 2 or 3 and given different conversation activities. The teacher will listen and write down any corrections, corrections will be given throughout the lesson. All class notes and vocabulary will be available on the student portal after the lesson.

Course Content

In a lot of schools, the teacher does all of the talking while the students listen and take notes. NOT HERE! At i-Speak English, it's the opposite! You can focus on your speaking skills while the teacher writes down your mistakes and corrects you. Speak to people from all around the world, improve your English and make new friends in this interactive conversation class!

Course includes:

  • Engaging articles & videos with every lesson
  • Flashcard sets with every topic (homework)
  • Exclusive access to our student portal
  • Tons of speaking practice in small groups
  • Personalised corrections from a native English teacher
  • Class notes & corrections with every lesson
  • Homework assignments
  • Weekly or monthly payment options

There’ll be 2 lessons a week and we’ll discuss a different topic each week. Before the lesson, I’ll send you some articles or videos to watch about that topic, in this way you can also learn new vocab before the class and that gives you the opportunity to actually use it in class. The first 10 minutes of the class will be ‘question time’, where you can ask any questions you might have about vocab or grammar in the videos/articles that I’ve sent you. So for example if you find a new phrasal verb in an article and you’re not quite sure how to use it,  you can ask me at the start of the lesson. The rest of 50 minutes will be 100% conversation between you and the other students in class. There are maximum of 6 students in class, for some of the class we might have a full group discussion and then I’ll separate into smaller groups of 2 or 3 people so you have plenty of speaking practice. In the meantime, I’ll be listening to you and writing down any errors or improvements you could make and I’ll give you feedback throughout the lesson. 

All of your corrections, vocabulary, classnotes, articles and videos will be available in your student portal where you will have your account.

So if you want to come join us and have a chat, you can take a free trial by clicking the link below or the FREE TRIAL button

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